The Organic Spirits gin is a light and floral take on a London Gin. With notes of hibiscus and Indonesian long pepper to back up the juniper and lemon peel the Organic Spirits Gin lends itself easily to classic cocktails and modern twists.


We distill a slowly fermented mash of sugar cane syrup into a wild and untamed raw sugar cane spirit, and then tone it back down by mixing it with a light and fragrant molasses distillate. The Organic Spirits Rum is an elegant and delightful rum that will work just as well in a Cuba Libre as in a Mojito or Daiquiri.


The Danish Rhubarb liquor is made from organic rhubarb from Funen and organic rosehip from northern Jutland. The result is a bold and sweet taste of Danish rhubarb with a zesty finish. Drink it neat or on ice. You can also make your Danish twist on a Spritz by mixing the Danish Rhubarb with your favorite bobbles or just a tonic water.


Organic Spirits Vodka is a distillate of carefully selected wheat with a very subtle hint of lemon and pepper on the palate. Soft and mellow, the Organic Spirits Vodka begs for blinis and caviar, but will work just as well in any of your favourite vodka cocktails.


The best Organic licorice, we could find and finest organic wheat based spirit. We add a dash of salt, some sugar and water. The result is a clean licorice taste. Nothing else. Drink it as a shot or mix it in your favorite cocktail.